Delta AnchorDelta AnchorDelta Ground Anchor

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

The Delta Ground Anchor is a triangular shaped alloy casting or forging with a wire cable fitted through 2 holes in the body

The design of the Delta combines optimum installation characteristics with heavy duty performance capabilities to give a dependable earth anchoring system at reduced installation costs

The slender design shape gives minimum resistance when driven into the ground and then when an upward force is applied to the attached cable the anchor turns perpendicular to the cable for maximum holding power

A hole in one corner permits fitting of a secondary bond which can be used to recover the anchor for re-use where ground conditions permit

Holding capacities are the average values obtained in a series of tests

Experience has shown that the nature of soil and depth of anchor govern the ‘pull out’ loads and therefore we avoid giving values for Delta Anchors

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Part No. Area of Anchor Wt inc. cable Kg Cable length Recom’d Depth Best Soil Average Soil Loose Sand
4/DA/002 91 sq cm 0.5 1.33m 1m 1454kg 658kg 254kg
Part No. Description
3/DR/101 Driving Rod

Screw Type Ground AnchorScrew Type Ground Anchor

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

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Part No. D L E B Wt Kg
3/SGA/001 150 760 50 20 3
3/SGA/002 203 1220 56 25 7
3/SGA/003 254 1524 70 35 12
3/SGA/004 305 1676 75 40 20

T Ground AnchorT Ground Anchor

Finish 1 coat red oxide primer

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Part No. L Hole Dia Hole Pitch Wt Kg
3/TGA/001 600 18 50 3
3/TGA/002 1000 22 50 7