Cable and Feeder Clamps

Feeder ClampsFeeder Clamp

Galvanized after manufacture to BS ENISO 1461:1999

Stainless Steel Bolt, clamping up to 21mm thick

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Part No. Description
2/FAC/001 Clamp tapped M8
2/FAC/014 Clamp tapped M10
2/FAC/002S M8 > M6 Reducer (Stainless Steel)
2/FAC/003 M8 > M10 Increaser

Coax Blocks

Material: Polypropylene

Single and Double


Part No Description Cable Size Fixing Bolt mm Cable Ref
2/FCS/005 Single Clamp 2 Part 5.4 10 CAT5
2/FC/4/005 4 way Clamp 2 Part 5.4 10 CAT5
2/FC/4/010 4 way Clamp 2 Part 10 10
2/CC/000 Single Clamp 2 Part 11 10
2/FCD/011 Double Clamp 2 Part 11 10
2/CC/001 Single Clamp 2 Part 13 10
2/FCD/013 Double Clamp 2 Part 13 10
2/FCS/016 Single Clamp 2 Part 16 10 LDF4.50
2/FCD/016 Double Clamp 2 Part 16 10 LDF4.50
2/FCS/021 Single Clamp 2 Part 21 10 HJ4.5-50
2/FCD/021 Double Clamp 2 Part 21 10 HJ4.5-50


Single Clamp 2 Part 28 10 LDF5.50


Double Clamp 2 Part 28 10 LDF5.50
2/FCS/040 Single Clamp 2 Part 40 10 LDF6.50
2/FCD/040 Double Clamp 2 Part 40 10 LDF6.50
2/FCS/050 Single Clamp 2 Part 50 10 LDF7.50
2/FCD/050 Double Clamp 2 Part 50 10 LDF7.50

Cable StrapsCable Strap

Material: Polypropylene

Part No Description Cable Size Fixing Size mm
2/CS/07/M10 Cable Strap Single Part 7.2 10
6/CS/004 Cable Strap Single Part 9 6
2/CS/10/M10 Cable Strap Single Part 9.5 10
2/CS/11/M10 Cable Strap Single Part 11.5 10
6/CS/005 Cable Strap Single Part 12.7 6
6/CS/006 Cable Strap Single Part 15.2 6
6/CS/007 Cable Strap Single Part 17.8 6
6/CS/008 Cable Strap Single Part 20.3 6
2/CS/009 Cable Strap Single Part 22.8 6
2/CS/010 Cable Strap Single Part 25.4 6
2/CS/012 Cable Strap Single Part 30.4 10
2/CS/014 Cable Strap Single Part 35.6 10
2/CS/016 Cable Strap Single Part 40.6 10
2/CS/018 Cable Strap Single Part 45.7 10
2/CS/020 Cable Strap Single Part 50.8 10

Cable GuardsCable Guard plastic cable protection for poles and walls

Cable Guard is a plastic cable protection capping profile to protect cables on poles and walls.Cable Guard

Angled flanges on Cable Guard for wooden poles

Flat flanges on Cable Guard for walls for a secure fixing

Supplied in perforated 3m lengths

Highly shock resistant and easily installed

Lightweight and easy to transport

All Cable Guard is supplied with screw fixing holes for easy installation. Cable Guard can also be used to protect other utility supplies on walls i.e gas, oil and water

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Part No.

Description Internal Dia Length Wt Kg
2/CG/019 Cable Guard 19mm 3m



Cable Guard 25mm 3m 0.84
2/CG/038 Cable Guard 38mm 3m



Cable Guard 50mm 3m 1.42
2/CG/064 Cable Guard 64mm 3m



Cable Guard 80mm 3m 2.00
2/CG/100 Cable Guard 100mm 3m


Cable Support SaddlesCable Support Saddle

Cable Support Saddles provide an economical fixing for supporting studs onto numerous types of legs or posts

Stainless steel banding and clips act as the fixing whilst a hexagonal recess in the saddle accommodates the bolt or nut

A tensioning tool incorporating cutters is used to install the banding and clips

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Part No. Description Radius R Width A Support Stud Size
2/CSS/010 Medium Saddle 50 64 mm M10

Cable Strap StudCable Strap Stud

Use with stainless steel banding 2/CSS/SSB or Hose Clips 2/HC/….which forms around the tower leg

Part No.

Description L


2/CSS/S10100 SS Clamp on Stud M10 x 100 100


Part No. Description Fig.
2/CSS/SSB S/S Banding 30m Coil 19mm Wide  a
2/CSS/BC Banding Clip  b
2/CSS/TT Tensioning Tool  –

Stainless Steel Banding for Cable Support SaddlesBanding Clip for Cable Support Saddles

Cable TiesCable Ties

Material 6/6 Nylon (Black)

UV resistant with a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

Also available are Cable Tie Markers in ‘letters‘ or ‘numbers‘ for identification

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Part No. Length Width Max Bundle Dia
2/CT/001 240 7.8 51
2/CT/002 300 7.8 76
2/CT/003 370 7.8 102
2/CT/004 540 7.8 130
2/CT/005 750 7.8 200
2/CT/011 250 4.8 51

Hose Clips Hose Clips

Stainless Steel, 7mm hexagonal head screw with screwdriver slot

Other sizes available to order

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Part No. Range mm
2/HC/025035 25-35
2/HC/030040 30-40
2/HC/040050 40-50
2/HC/045060 45-60
2/HC/055070 55-70
2/HC/060080 60-80
2/HC/070090 70-90
2/HC/085100 85-100
2/HC/090120 90-120
2/HC/110140 110-140
2/HC/130150 130-150

Channel Support SystemChannel Support SystemChannel Support System Spring

Galvanized to BS 6949 – 1988

The quick and easy way to build a variety of supports for electrical, mechanical and industrial services

The basic parts of channels, spring nuts and plate washers will form many an installation

Channel can be supplied cut to length as required with other sizes available to order

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Part No



2/USC/1000T/3 41mm x 41mm Slotted Channel



41mm x 21mm Slotted Channel 3m
2/USC/10/ECB 41mm x 41mm Channel End Cap Black


6mm Channel Nut (no spring)
2/USC/06/PW 6mm Plate Washer


6mm Spring Nut
2/USC/08/PW 8mm Plate Washer


8mm Spring Nut
2/USC/08/SSN 8mm Short Spring Nut


10mm Plate Washer
2/USC/10/SN 10mm Spring Nut


10mm Short Spring Nut
2/USC/12/PW 12mm Plate Washer


12mm Spring Nut