Cable Ladder

Heavy Duty Cable Ladder

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

Slotted side rails

Rung slots 35mm x 11mm

Standard ladder length 3 metres

Use in conjunction with the FLA cable support system

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Cable LadderCable Ladder

Part No. Width
2/GCL/150/100 150
2/GCL/300/100 300
2/GCL/450/100 450
2/GCL/600/100 600

Flat BendCable Ladder Flat Bend

Part No. Width
2/GCL/150/FB90 150
2/GCL/300/FB90 300
2/GCL/450/FB90 450
2/GCL/600/FB90 600

Outside Riser

Part No. Width
2/GCL/150/OR90 150
2/GCL/300/OR90 300
2/GCL/450/OR90 450
2/GCL/600/OR90 600

Inside RiserCable Ladder Inside Riser

Part No. Width
2/GCL/150/IR90 150
2/GCL/300/IR90 300
2/GCL/450/IR90 450
2/GCL/600/IR90 600
Part No. Description Fig.
2/GCL/HDB/100 Hold Down Bracket (Pair)  a
2/GCL/HDC/100 Hold Down Clip  b
2/GCL/FHC/100 Flexible Horizontal Connectors (Pair)  –
2/GCL/VH/100 Vertical Hinge (Pair)  c
2/GCL/CP/100 Coupler (Pair)  d

Cable Ladder Hold Down BracketCable Ladder Hold Down ClipCable Ladder Vertical HingesCable Ladder Couplers