Cable Tray

Cable Tray Heavy Duty

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

Type A trays are designed to carry heavier cables with less support than a standard tray

The depth of flange is 50mm with a return of 32mm means easier alignment when joined and adds greatly to the overall strength of the installation

Type B trays are 25mm in depth with an 8mm return

To order couplers c/w fixings bolts request:

4/CTY/013 Type A

4/CTY/014 Type B

For ventilated covers change part number suffix from C to VC. Standard cover depth 22mm

Standard tray length 3 metres

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Cable Tray Heavy DutyHeavy Duty Cable TrayCable Tray Top Hat BracketCable Tray 90 Degree Flat BendCable Tray 90 Degree Outside RiserCable Tray Equal Tee

Part No.

Width Depth Cover Top Hat Bkt 90° Flat Bend 90° Inside Riser 90° Outside Riser

Equal Tee


150 50 2/CTY/001/C 2/CTY/001/THB 2/CTY/001/FB 2/CTY/001/IR 2/CTY/001/OR 2/CTY/001/ET
2/CTY/002 225 50 2/CTY/002/C 2/CTY/002/THB 2/CTY/002/FB 2/CTY/002/IR 2/CTY/002/OR



 300  50 2/CTY/003/C 2/CTY/003/THB 2/CTY/003/FB 2/CTY/003/IR 2/CTY/003/OR 2/CTY/003/ET
2/CTY/004  450 50 2/CTY/004/C 2/CTY/004/THB 2/CTY/004/FB 2/CTY/004/IR 2/CTY/004/OR



 600 50 2/CTY/005/C 2/CTY/005/THB 2/CTY/005/FB 2/CTY/005/IR 2/CTY/005/OR 2/CTY/005/ET
2/CTY/006  700 50 2/CTY/006/C 2/CTY/006/THB 2/CTY/006/FB 2/CTY/006/IR 2/CTY/006/OR



 100 25 2/CTY/007/C 2/CTY/007/THB 2/CTY/007/FB 2/CTY/007/IR 2/CTY/007/OR 2/CTY/007/ET
2/CTY/008  150 25 2/CTY/008/C 2/CTY/008/THB 2/CTY/008/FB 2/CTY/008/IR 2/CTY/008/OR



 225 25 2/CTY/009/C 2/CTY/009/THB 2/CTY/009/FB 2/CTY/009/IR 2/CTY/009/OR 2/CTY/009/ET
2/CTY/010  300 25 2/CTY/010/C 2/CTY/010/THB 2/CTY/010/FB 2/CTY/010/IR 2/CTY/010/OR



 450 25 2/CTY/011/C 2/CTY/011/THB 2/CTY/011/FB 2/CTY/011/IR 2/CTY/011/OR 2/CTY/011/ET
2/CTY/012  600 25 2/CTY/012/C 2/CTY/012/THB 2/CTY/012/FB 2/CTY/012/IR 2/CTY/012/OR


Vertical Cable Tray Mounting BracketsVertical Cable Tray Mounting Bracket

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

Attach to 2000 Series Vertical Poles

For Vertical Cable Tray Bracket Kit comprising: 2 Brackets and 4 Bolts order 4/CTY/SFV/2000

Order U Bolts separately to suit size of pole

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Part No. Description Qty
4/CTY/SFV/2000 Mounting Kit Comprises:
3/CTY/SFV/2000 Single Bracket 2
2/SSF/06025 M6 x 25 SS Bolt 8
2/SSF/004 M6 SS Spring Washer 8
2/SSF/002 M6 SS Penny Washer 16
2/SSF/001 M6 SS Nut 8