Climbing and Safety

Climbing LaddersClimbing Ladder

Galvanized to BS 6949 – 1988

Uncaged ladder over 2.5m must be fitted with fall arrest device

Access Ladders to BS4211:1994

Standard lengths 3m – 6m

Bolt on ladder feet

Cage hoops square or round

Climbing ladders with or without caging can be manufactured and supplied to suit any application

Ladders to B.S standards with fixings to ‘bolt on’ climbing rungs are all available and made to the customers requirements

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Part No. Description Class Width
4/ALBS/30 Un-caged A 300
4/ALBS/38 Un-caged B 380
4/ALBS/30/SH Caged Square Hoop A 300
4/ALBS/38/SH Caged Square Hoop B 380
4/ALBS/30/RH Caged Round Hoop A 300
4/ALBS/38/RH Caged Round Hoop B 380

Climbing RungsBolt on Climbing Rung

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

16mm dia step 160mm long

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Bolt on Climbing Rung

Part No. Tube Dia
4/CRC/060 60.3
4/CRC/076 76.1
4/CRC/088 88.9
4/CRC/114 114.3
4/CRC/139 139.7
4/CRC/168 168.3
4/CRC/193 193.7
4/CRC/219 219.1

Wooden Pole Climbing Rung

Part No. Description
3/CRWP/100 Rung

Railok ® Fall Arrest SystemRailok Fall Arrest SystemRailok Fall Arrest System Harness

Designed to fit vertical ladders or lattice towers the Railok ® tower and ladder safety system provides permanent protection for personnel whilst climbing, or working in a stationary position on a ladder or tower

The standardised components can be easily assembled by  riggers having no previous experience of the system. Inherent to the system is the protection provided to the installer as he erects it. Provides fall arrest protection with full climbing freedom

Please note from January 2019, the RAILOK ® Fall Arrest System has been discontinued, however there are still some spare parts available. Enquire with our sales team.

We will be replacing this with a new system, please enquire with sales for more information. A datasheet on the new system will be available in the next couple of weeks.


Part No. Description
5/RF/102 Fall Arrest Trolley
5/RF/103 Railok Track 1.5 metres long
5/RF/104 Universal Mounting Bracket
5/RF/TC Track Connector
5/RF/ES Stop Bolt Kit
3/RF/LB/100 Stand Off Bracket for 1000 series leg
3/RF/LB/200 Stand Off Bracket for 2000 series leg

Anti-Climbing Equipment

Galvanized to BS 6949 – 1988

Just as climbing equipment is important to the installer or rigger. Anti-climbing is important as a deterrent to unauthorised personnel

Various measures can be made from simple barbed wire to a full anti-climbing frame which would fit around the complete base of a structure

For full information please contact our Sales team

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Ladder Anti-Climb PlateLadder Anti Climb Plate


2450mm long

Lockable (Padlock not supplied)

Does not impede feeders

Please specify width of ladder

Width of stringer

Rung size

Pitch of rung

Ladder Anti-Climb DoorLadder Anti Climb Door


2450mm long



Please specify width of ladder

Width of stringer

Rung size

Pitch of rung

Lock excluded

Bolt On Anti-Climb SpikeBolt on Anti Climb Spike

Galvanized to ENISO 1461:1999

Made to fit all sizes of circular and angle legs

Please specify leg size

Part No. Description
4/ACR/048 Assembly for 48.3 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/060 Assembly for 60.3 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/076 Assembly for 76.1 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/088 Assembly for 88.9 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/114 Assembly for 114.3 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/139 Assembly for 139.7 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/168 Assembly for 168.3 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/193 Assembly for 193.7 Tube c/w bolts
4/ACR/219 Assembly for 219.1 Tube c/w bolts

Anti-Climb HoopAnti Climb Hoop


Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

Brackets to suit 3 and 4 leg Angle or Tube towers

Barbed Wire and BracketsAnti Climb Angle Bracket

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

Brackets to suit 3 and 4 leg Angle or Tube towers

Part No. Tower Legs Leg Series
4/ACB/1003 3 1000
4/ACB/2003 3 2000
4/ACB/3003 3 3000
4/ACB/4003 3 4000
4/ACB/1004 4 1000
4/ACB/2004 4 2000
4/ACB/3004 4 3000
4/ACB/4004 4 4000

 2/ACW/200 – Barbed wire 200m reel

Anti climb paint refer to section ‘Tools and Hardware’

Handrails and Clamp Fittings

HandrailTube Clamp Handrail

Galvanized to ENISO 1461:1999

Ideal for building handrails

Full range available to order

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Part No. For Tube Diameter Wt Kg/m
2/PCT/06 33.7 2.43
2/PCT/07 42.4 3.13
2/PCT/08 48.3 3.60

Clamp Fittings

Designed for handrails, access platforms and guard rails

Standard sizes available for 33.7, 42.4 and 48.3Ø tube

Individual fittings and tubes from stock or designed and manufactured for bespoke applications

Suffix part number with 6/7/8 – see above handrail sizes

We supply other size handrail and clamps. These listed are just some of the common sizes.

Platform Fixing Clips

Used to fix down open steel flooring. We can also supply flooring to customer requirements.

Free Standing Handrail SystemFree Standing Handrail System

Galvanized to ENISO 1461:1999c

System that does not penetrate the roof membrane

Only available in 48.3Ø

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Part No.

Description Wt Kg
2/FSH//UP/101 Handrail Upright



Intermediate Counter Balance Weight  (25kg) 66.0
2/FSH/ECW/1575 End Counter Balance Weight  (50 kg)



Elbow 0.7
2/FSH/WF/08 Wall Flange



Sleeve Joint 0.5
2/PCT/08 Hand & Knee Rail Tube


Single Counter Balance Weight Double Counter Balance Weight  Free Standing Handrail Elbow Clamp Free Standing Handrail Clamp

Skylight Protection Guardrail

The safety Solution for Skylight Fall Protection

Designed specifically to prevent falls through skylights

Free standing and eliminates risk of damage to the roof membrane.

Kee Dome—48.3 O/D tube

Kee Dome Mini—33.7 O/D tube

Suitable for use on all roof surfaces with a maximum of 3 degrees

Various sizes are available designed around standard tube lengths of 1.5, 2.0 or 3.2 metres

An optional gate can be incorporated for access to roof hatches

Mini kits c/w mesh on top

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Kit No.



Kee Dome 3mtr x 1.5mtr


Kee Dome 2mtr x 1.5mtr c/w gate


Kee Dome 2mtr x 2mtr


Kee Dome 4mtr x 2mtr


Kee Dome Mini 1.2mtr x 1.2mtr c/w mesh


Kee Dome Mini 1.8mtr x 1.8mr c/w mesh