Anchor Bolts

Chemical Anchor BoltsChemical Anchor Bolts

Chemical capsules contain polyester resin and quartz granules, plus a phial hardener

Studs have shaped tips to ensure thorough mixing of the adhesive when driven into the capsule with a suitable power tool

The capsule and phial are crushed and mixed in the hole and the contents form a resinous mortar

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Resin Anchor Cartridge

Suitable for fixing studs, bolts and wall ties in a wide range of substrates such as concrete, brickwork, masonry and stone

Advantages are expansion free anchoring, fits standard coaxial applicator and open cartridges can be re-used at a later date if a new nozzle is used

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Masonry Anchor BoltsMasonry Anchor Bolt

Suitable for concrete and most types of masonry. Ideal for overhead and ceiling work

For wall fixing, provides a stud on which to hang the fixture during installation

For fixing where the bolt needs to be inserted after the shield has been positioned, e.g installing heavy equipment or machinery

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Through BoltsThrough Bolts

This may be drilled through the prepositioned fixture, so removing the need for marking out

The Through Bolt is a cost effective economy anchor, combining good load carrying characteristics, with ease of fitting. For use in concrete only if minimum strength 20 N/mm2

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