Clamps and Brackets

Aerial Parallel Clamps

The parallel clamp is commonly used for fixing vertical aerials to vertical poles or just pole to pole

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Coupler Reducers

Fitted to aerials to increase their diameter to enable clamping in the couplers

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Tube Couplers

‘Scaffold’ fittings for 48.3 dia tube. Wide range available.

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Aerial Tilt Brackets 48Ø Pole

This economical tilt bracket enables the rake of the structure to be taken out up to 15 degrees up or down from the vertical to ensure horizontal adjustment of the aerial. Stand off 200mm.

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45°Angle Stand Off Bracket

The brackets provide vertical fixing points easily and economically.

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Channel Stand OffChannel Stand Off

Heavy duty channel brackets with notch-outs to ensure pole stability. Stand off 750mm.

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Channel Wall Brackets

Channel Brackets with either single hole or two slots to fix to wall

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Chimney Lashing Brackets


Designed to support 48.3Ø aerial pole with no drilling of brickwork

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Feeder Brackets Angled Feeder BracketStraight Feeder Bracket

Variable range of brackets to support feeder cables, power cables etc.

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Universal Feeder Bracket Assembly

Allows feeders to run within the tower leg. Can be used when tower leg size unknown as is Universal


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90° Mounting Bracket

Offset to avoid existing bracings. 100mm clearance between tower and pole


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Parallel Stand Off Brackets

50mm Stand Off—Enables poles to be attached in close proximity

100mm Stand Off—Same bracket but provides a bigger stand off

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Heavy Duty Parallel Stand Off Brackets

Heavy Duty with double fixings. 100mm stand off.

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Sloping Pole Bracket Kit

Fitted to any raked pole where equipment such as RRU (Remote Radio Unit) are to be easily and universally fitted.

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Straight Stand Off Brackets

Economical range of brackets for supporting antenna poles, normally used on tubular and circular legs

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Wall BracketWall Bracket

Wall brackets come in pairs as standard (2 and 3 legs) but can be ordered singularly for special installations. Various stand offs available. 

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