Dish Mounts

Antenna Face Mountdownload pdf

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461: 2009

Fully adjustable poles

Each face mount is supplied/manufactured to meet the structure’s criteria regarding leg size and rake

In most instances these  universal face frames can be supplied ‘off the shelf’ as they  incorporate parts from our standard range

Al parts are manufactured to Execution Class 2

Order requirements, please specify:

Tower face width

Tower rake in degrees or allow can be made on the stub poles

Tower leg type and size

Vertical pole diameter and length

Horizontal poles diameter and length

Always remember to allow for tower diagonals/horizontals

Contact our sales team if you require assistance

Antenna Leg Mountdownload pdf

Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461:1999

Leg mounted pole 114.3Ø

Pole 114.3Ø x 1500 Long  ~ 1200 Clear

Standoff 230mm

On tower leg rakes (0 – 30) the dish mount pole can be kept in the vertical position by use of the slotted holes in the support brackets. Order leg fixing bolts separately

Custom made brackets can be made to suit particular rakes

Other sizes available to order

download pdf

Kit No. Pole Bracket Kit Wt Kg Tubular Leg Series
4/ALM/1112 3/AP/108 3/AB/112 36 1000
4/ALM/1113 3/AP/108 3/AB/113 37 2000
4/ALM/1114 3/AP/108 3/AB/114 38 3000
4/ALM/1115 3/AP/108 3/AB/115 39 4000
Kit No. Pole Bracket Kit Wt Kg Angle  Leg Size
4/ALM/2116 3/AP/108 3/AB/116 54 70 x 70  to 90 x 90
4/ALM/3117 3/AP/108 3/AB/117 59 100 x 100 to 200 x 200

Monopole Dish MountSteel Monopole Dish Mount KitMonopole Dish Mount

Material S355J2 BS EN 10025-2. Galvanized to BS ENISO 1461

To suit 219.3 and 168mm diameter tubes.

Kit No.

Wt Kg


Part No. Description

Wt Kg

3/MPM/101 Dish Pole



Dish Pole Angle 1.0


Dish Pole Angle 4.0
3/MPM/104 Dish Pole Plate A


3/MPM/105 Dish Pole Plate B



Single Fixing Universal Mount 60Ø PoleSingle Fixing Universal Mount

Galvanized to ENISO 1461:1999

60.3Ø tube

Horizontal or vertical fixing

Versatile dish mount uses eco cross over plate for easy assembly and only requires 200mm mounting area

Designed for dishes up to 600mmØ and takes out up to 25 degrees rake in structure

download pdf

Kit No. Series Wt Kg
4/SFUM/1000 1000 20.86
4/SFUM/2000 2000 22.00
4/SFUM/3000 3000 23.25
4/SFUM/4000 4000 24.17

Single Mounting Dish Bracket 76Ø Pole
download pdf

Galvanized to ENISO 1461:1999

76.1Ø tube

This economical swivel bracket when used with the standard angle stand off bracket allows easy attachment of up to 300mm microwave dishes eliminating the rake angle of the tower

Identify the series for the leg from the chart at the rear of the catalogue. Order two leg fixing bolts per kit for the series

download pdf

Kit No. Series Wt Kg
4/SFDM/1076 1000 13.0
4/SFDM/2076 2000 13.6
4/SFDM/3076 3000 14.1
4/SFDM/4076 4000 15.2