Towers and Poles

400S Tower400S Tower 400s Tower 2

Modular 4 side lightweight tower. 3m sections up to max 12m



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Windsock Pole MastWindsock Pole Mast Windsock Pole Mast 2

FLA Ltd, working in partnership with Windsock Company, offer windsock equipment for all types of airfield and industrial applications. A range of windsocks and masts, with and without windsock illumination, are offered for use at:

Airfields, airports and helicopter landing pads

Oil, gas and petrochemical installations

Power stations, water and sewage treatment works, ports, marinas and bridges

Our standard range of mast designs have been used throughout the UK and beyond – both onshore and offshore. In addition to standard design equipment masts can be made to suit specific site conditions or special configurations

For further information contact the FLA sales desk and a member of the Windsock Company staff will make contact to determine your requirements

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