Tools and Hardware

Paints and Tapes

Black tape which wrapped around cables will gradually amalgamate into itself producing a strong waterproof joint

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PaintZinc Rich Cold Galvanising Brush PaintZinc Rich Cold Galvanising Spray

Part No. Description
2/GPB/1000 Zinc rich cold galvanizing brush paint 1Kg tin
2/GPB/2500 Zinc rich cold galvanizing brush paint 2.5Kg tin
2/GSP/400 Zinc rich cold galvanizing spray paint 400 ml
2/ACP/2500 Anti-climb paint

TapeBlack Electrical TapeDenso Tape

Part No. Description
2/DENSO/050 Denso Tape – Petroleum based neutral compound on fabric tape 50mm x 10 metres
2/ET/19/33 Black Electrical Tape 19mm x 33 metres

Self-Amalgamating TapeSelf Amalgamating Tape

Part No. Description
2/SAT/040 Based on Polyisobutylene 38mm x 10 metres
2/SAT/20/10 Based on Polyisobutylene 20mm x 10 metres

Tube CapsTube Caps

Material 9238 standard UV resistant vinyl with a length of 38mm Other sizes are available to order for square hollow section

Tube Caps are for the protection of tube ends where trimming has left the cut unprotected, to stop rain water filling the base sealed tubes or even to finish off the quality installation

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Part No. Tube Dia
2/VTC/042 42.0
2/VTC/048 48.3
2/VTC/060 60.3
2/VTC/076 76.1
2/VTC/089 88.9
2/VTC/114 114.3

Thread CapsThread Caps

Material 9238 standard UV resistant vinyl

Thread protection caps to cover cut bolt or threaded rod ends and give protection to personnel

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Part No. Thread Size Thread Cover
2/VTP/008 8mm 25mm
2/VTP/010 10mm 25mm
2/VTP/012 12mm 20mm
2/VTP/016 16mm 20mm

Tools and ConsumablesMasonry Drill Bit

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Part No. Description
2/CPB/050 2” Contract Paint Brush
2/CPB/075 3” Contract Paint Brush
2/CPB/100 4” Contract Paint Brush
2/MDB/012 12mm Masonry Bit
2/MDB/014 14mm Masonry Bit
2/MDB/016 16mm Masonry Bit
2/MDB/018 18mm Masonry Bit
2/MDB/020 20mm Masonry Bit
2/MDB/025 25mm Masonry Bit
2/SGC/100 Clear Safety Goggles
Bolt Spanner Combination Ring Podger O/E Podger
M6 10mm 2/CPS/010
M8 13mm 2/CPS/013
M10 17mm 2/CPS/017 2/PSP/17/R 2/PSP/17/O
M12 19mm 2/CPS/019 2/PSP/19/R 2/PSP/19/O
M16 24mm 2/CPS/024 2/PSP/24/R 2/PSP/24/O
M20 30mm 2/CPS/030 2/PSP/30/R 2/PSP/30/O
M10/12 17/19mm 2/PRC/1719 Ratchet Podger

Ring PodgerO.E PodgerRatchet Podger


Cable Drum RollersCable Drum Rollers

Galvanized to ENISO 1461:1999

Galvanized frames with 2 position setting for various drum sizes

Drum rollers ease the handling of cable drums while running feeders on site. Compact and easily stowed make them a must for all installation teams

Lockable rollers to ease drum positioning and anchor points for added stability

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Part No. Description
4/CDR/1000 Set of 2 frames

Pipe FlashingPipe Flashing Kits

Sealing tightly with silicone sealant and any type fastener, the infinitely flexible base is compatible with virtually any roofing material – metal, plastic, asphalt, tile, rubber membrane and more

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Part No. Pipe O/D mm
2/PF/001 6-50
2/PF/002 32-76
2/PF/003 6-102
2/PF/004 76-114
2/PF/005 102-178
2/PF/006 127-228
2/PF/007 152-280
2/PF/008 178-330
2/PF/009 254-467
2/PF/010 330-660

ScrewsPozihead ScrewM5 Screw Plug

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Part No. Description
2/PHS/05050 Pozihead screw M5 x 50
2/SCP/05 Screw Plug M5