Non-Destructive Testing

NDT is the process of testing materials for flaws in a way that the use of the materials are not destroyed after testing. There are various methods of NDT testing but the most common in telecoms are listed below. If you require your parts to be tested we will send you a full inspection test report.

MPI Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection uses magnetic fields to locate surface flaws. If such flaws are found, the magnetic flux will leak. This leakage flux is displayed by covering the surface with magnetic particles such as a dry spray powder as shown. The particles gather at the regions of the flux leakage, producing a build-up which can be seen visually even when the crack opening is very narrow. Thus, a crack is indicated as a line of iron powder particles on the surface.

UTS Testing

Ultrasonic testing uses ultrasonic waves by applying a liquid on the surface of the material and then applying a probe that converts electrical impulses from the ultrasound machine into sound waves then coverts sound back into electric impulses that can be displayed as a visual representation on a screen.